When shopping for an engagement ring, many people are focused on the ring rather than the jeweler. Perhaps they think that whichever jeweler carries the right ring must be a decent choice. But did you know: nearly half of men and couples don’t return to the place they bought the engagement ring. Rather than starting over with a jewelry store every time you want to buy another piece, you should keep these tips in mind from the beginning. They’ll ensure that you find a store you’ll enjoy returning to for the rest of your life.

BB0111_BDoes the jeweler create a relationship with you? This will take time, of course, but is well worth the effort you both put in. Does the representative ask about your soon-to-be-fiancée or your life together? Marriage is a beautiful thing, and your jewelry store should be deeply invested in your life as you move toward this moment. This is one important step in the long love story you’re writing together.


Does the jeweler seek to educate you? Many engagement ring shoppers have little experience buying jewelry, and they might feel overwhelmed. At that point, talk of a diamond’s clarity and cut is meaningless. Seek out a store where the employees want you to understand every detail of the ring selection, not one where they’re simply trying to sell you the most expensive one.

Does the jeweler care about your life after the engagement ring? Though you’ll need wedding bands, anniversary gifts, and Christmas presents, this conversation should be about more than the material things. The person you talk to should have a genuine interest in the relationships and moments that these pieces symbolize. Avoid jewelers who just give a sales pitch. Instead, choose a jeweler who is interested in your love story and what comes next in your personal life.

Does the jeweler care about more than simply meeting monthly quotas? Most importantly, are the store and its employees involved in the community, in their local churches or synagogues, in the people around them? If so, then building a relationship with them will benefit everyone around you. Finding a jewelry store that is actively working to improve and help the community is one of the best discoveries you can ever hope for.